About Flying Spout

Flying Sprout is a small, personalised tutoring service based in Brisbane, Australia.

Who Am I?

Flying Sprout was created by me, Bianca Chopra, when I took a break from teaching after having my first child. I wanted to continue helping children who needed a little extra learning support so I decided to start tutoring.

I have taught Primary School aged students, as a teacher and tutor, for the last 17 years and still find it extremely rewarding.

Behind the Name


The name Flying Sprout comes from a favourite quote, one that is true for both parents and teachers. “There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.” Providing students with strong learning foundations can give them the confidence to soar.

Some Fun Facts about Flying Sprout
Years Teaching & Tutoring
+ 190
Students Taught
100 %